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Sunday, May 29, 2011

La La La

I've gotta song stuck in my head. and its crazy awesome! it's the num num num num num num num song! i wish i could sing it all day! look it up it's awesome! Church Young Women's Girls camp is next monday and i cant wait! i can think of some good things for my secret sister! its going to be so much fun! oh and be fore i can forget HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! HAV U GUD TIMS!


  1. Hey Ellie, It's your number one fan. I know a guy named Tim and he's a pretty good guy. Is that part of the "GUD TIMS" you're talking about? ;)

  2. Nope, its "GOOD TIMES!" in text-talk/new-people-talk/not-old-people-talk.

    (notice the proper grammar?)